Wallpaper is cost effective. If you add the costs of painting with a premium brand paint, you will find that you won’t have to pay more for a brand name of wallpaper. Wallpapers is also a long-lasting decorating solution thanks to the high-quality materials used in recent years. With a quality vinyl wallpaper, the next change of wallpaper recedes into the distant future. It is also clean to use. Working with paint produces splashes and drips in addition to the labour of cleaning up your equipment afterwards. If wallpaper paste drops onto skirting boards, etc. it can simply be wiped off with a moist sponge. Wallpapering is also less work. Pasting and hanging wallpapers is carried out in one action, whereas repeated painting, filling or dabbing at spots is not needed. You get the finished result, length for length. It is also faster to ‘cure’ and make a room ready for use.

One big advantage of wallpapers is the use of ‘perfect effects’: dab, wipe or spatula effects, are also available as finished brand name wallpapers. It also has the right colour when placed against mixing paints, which can have slight differences in colours between applications.

But most of all, wallpaper makes a room its own individual. There are countless design possibilities to help create a unique living environment in harmony with your home.

The Colour yard are stockists of the following wallpapers: Farrow & Ball, John Morris, Galerie, Grandeco, Eco, and Boras Tapeter.

The alternative to painting

In Home Decorating, wallpaper is used to create a style, add colour and/or texture to a room or living space to reflect the personality of the people that would use the room. Our collections are tailored for the Irish market. We have many samples to view instore to view at your leisure.

We offer personal attention with experienced home decorating staff who offer advice on the types of wallcoverings available and help with making your choice an easy one.

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